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  • Free Online Tone and Sweep Generator

    A cool little tool for checking out frequency response...thought you ought to know about it
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    To accutally measure frequency response, you need to be able to measure the device's response to a frequency sweep. I use Room EQ Wizard, which both generates the test sweep and, assuming you have things hooked up correctly, plots the frequency response. It also makes several other measurements. And it doesn't care what web browser you have because it's a stand-alone program, for both Windows and MacOS.

    A just plain sweep that you can play through a speaker is useful for deternining room resonances and resonant frequencies that cause rattles in the loudspeaker cabinet.

    I have a function generator app on my phone (Kewlsoft), but I'm an Android user. I don't know if he has an iOS version. This one will generate two frequencies that you can either send to the left and right outputs or mix them together. At a live sound gig that I had this summer, one side of the PA cabinets sounded awful, and I traced the problem to being somewhere between the crossover and the speakers. Using a mix of 75 Hz and 2.5 kHz tones, I was able to show the guy who hooked it up that the highs were going to the woofers and the lows were going to the tweeters.

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