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  • Securing Win 10

    I just been browsing the Black Viper site and found some of the invasive services that run upon installation. http://www.blackviper.com/service-co...onfigurations/

    The worst one is dmwappushsvc - is a key logger service that's turned on as a default. Key loggers used to be illegal viruses. Everything you type including bank info, Credit card numbers, personal correspondence, EVERYTHING you type on that keyboard. I suspect this will link to some snooper program which will look for key words typed in. I can easily see this used to have someone steal everything you own. Its makes all passwords, anti virus and anything else you do to protect yourself completely useless. It would be the first thing I shut off.

    Geolocation Service - This is like GPS. It lets others know where your computer is located. This way others can zero in on your physical location instantly. I see it being used by Law enforcement bu as we know, there will be hack programs popping up the next day and find that nice studio worth of gear or young daughter you post about.

    Hyper-V Guest Service Interface - Provides an environment in which you can run multiple operating systems at the same time on one physical computer, by running each operating system on its own virtual machine. There are 8 services running in manual mode after installation which means these can be turned on without your knowledge. I'm not 100% sure what these all do but they can be accessed remotely. I believe they are used in companies to set up virtual desktop environments, but the idea of this being included and turned on doesn't sound right to me.
    I suspect this kind of virtual desktop could be used for devious means if someone on the other end has access to your system. I'd disable them all.

    There are other services listed that have been in previous windows versions. Many like remote access should be disabled after install. I've made it a habit to go in an look every once and awhile. I have found services turned on after installing programs or doing updates when they shouldn't be. My thing is, if I do updates manually when I decide they are needed.

    I'm sure there are others "things"" that run hidden in the background. I disable my internet connections on my studio daw by pulling the plug. Disabling the connection isn't good enough because I'll still get updates coming through with my internet connection disabled.

    Heres some other sites that explain some of the security systems. Because Win 10 works in a cloud and on a desktop its got 10 security switches vs a normal desktop OS which may only have your 4 Internet, Trusted, Local and Restricted. settings.



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