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    Finally got a chance to watch it tonight - bought the DVD earlier this week. I think my wife summed it up best, in that it was hard to watch. Didn't know too much about Brian's past life, but growing up with the Beach Boys his music was a firm part of my youth. The comment earlier about the drugs being the chief culprit is dead on. Today as a medic, I can tell you that so called recreational drugs are taking good folks and ruining them. I can also tell you that I have seen too many folks on too many prescribed meds, and not just for mental issues either. One thing you learn in medic school is that every drug, recreational or prescribed, is a poison. Every drug has effects that are beneficial, and every drug has untoward effects. And every drug can kill you if you let it.

    While no doubt some of the problems he suffered were self inflicted, it just seems like he really didn't get the type of care he needed, when he needed it. He's not alone either. Lots of folks in the same type of situation. In the end, I am glad that he got his life back in order and is playing and singing again.
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      There was talk of doing a biopic on Dennis Wilson, and his orgiastic cavorting with the Manson clan. Aaron Eckhart was to star. Now THERE'S a movie. But the movie never materialized for some reason. Maybe because Brian doesn't want that particular chapter of Beach Boys' history dredged up. Dennis went to his (watery) grave feeling he was partly responsible for Sharon Tate's death.
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        Don't know that Brian would have any say over whether anyone could make a movie about Dennis or not, could he?


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          Originally posted by Phil O'Keefe View Post
          Has anyone seen this film yet? Is it any good? As a lifelong fan of the Beach Boys, and especially Brian Wilson, I'm definitely interested in seeing it.
          You might also be interested in this - highly recommended.

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            Thanks onelife - I'll try to watch that this evening when I'll hopefully have a bit more time to really focus on it.

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