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Are you a better musician? No? Well here's 12 ways to fix that!

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  • Are you a better musician? No? Well here's 12 ways to fix that!

    1) Practice technique
    2) Practice with sheet music
    3) Practice with other musicians
    4) Play on stage
    5) Record yourself and
    6) Listen to yourself
    7) Video record yourself and
    8) Listen to constructive criticism
    9) Have a positive attitude
    10) Pound the pavement to get those gigs
    11) Promote and advertise
    12) Buy a decent instrument, or learn how to get the best sound out of the instrument you already own.

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    Doing all that would make me bitter.


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      How about just taking lessons. Its the shortest path to becoming good is to educate yourself in the language of music. Having a good mentor will make that process joyous, not work.


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        Main thing musicians lack is an overview. Ton of generic "specialists" , few good musicians.
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          I'm never satisfied with my playing, I play too technical / mechanical sometimes and force myself to play more simpler things, sometimes a good Blues romp will bring be a better prospective. I listen to other instruments. Sometimes just listening as a fan of music, as opposed to listening like a musician will regenerate the learning process and the love of music.