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Leiber and Stoller on What's My Line 1958

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  • Leiber and Stoller on What's My Line 1958

    I don't have cable and often watch "What's My Line" when I can't find something I like over the air. Been watching the late '50's lately and last night I came across an episode with Leiber and Stoller from 1958. They mention "Hound Dog", "Jailhouse Rock" and one I'm not familiar with - "Don't". It's kind of cute at the end when John Daly tells them that they (L & S) might want to serious music later on down the line. And that Rock & Roll is a fad in the country. The irony occurred to me that all the panelists and John Daly were household names at the time and the only names recognized by most people today might be Leiber and Stoller.

    Leiber and Stoller are a little after 13 minutes.


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    Loved it. Thanks.
    He has escaped! Youtube , ‚ÄčMurika , France