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  • buying a guitar online

    I plan to buy a guitar online with a bank wire transfer. how is this done and what info will the bank ask from me? its a big purchase for me so its causing me some worry.

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    If at all possible, use a credit card. If not, be sure it's a reputable dealer, because if it's not, and he/she takes the money and runs leaving you with no guitar and no money, you have no recourse.

    Personally, if I couldn't pay by credit card, I'd walk away from the deal.

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      I second that. only a complete fool would use a bank wire transfer on a purchase. There is no link of that transfer to an actual purchase. That's why crooks try and talk people into doing that. Once that money is in their account they can give you the finger and there's not a thing in this world you can do to get it back. With a credit card, you can at least reverse the charge if fails to ship or shows up damaged. Some of this depends on weather your card has some kind of fraud protection but its still better then Cash, Transfer, or Money Order.

      When people cant accept a credit card or Pay Pal, there usually a good reason. They may be selling stolen good, have no credit from past dealing, or don't want to be traced so I say bad news, look elsewhere.


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        Excellent advice! By the way, my uncle is the king of Nigeria, and he has some money here in the bank he'd like you to withdraw for him...