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RIP Leonard Nimoy

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  • RIP Leonard Nimoy

    Oh man, this one hurts.

    nat whilk ii

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    Nimoy's Spock character helped me find a balance between my emotional and intellectual sides during my childhood. I never went to the extreme of behaving like a Vulcan, but I did learn how to better control my emotions and then eventually how to release them in a healthier manner.

    While there were certainly people in real life who had a much bigger impact on me, I can't think of a fictional character who affected my life more than Mr. Spock.

    R.I.P., Leonard Nimoy.


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      I am saddened by Leonard Nimoy's passing. But he lived long, and we all prospered. Peace. And thank you for everything. This photo was taken at Vasquez Rocks, where "Star Trek" was filmed numerous times, sometimes standing in for Spock's planet of Vulcan.

      Oh, yeah, I guess I should talk about the photo. Star trails, showing the perceived movements of the stars (from a series of "stacked" photos). Light painting, illuminating the famous rock formation with an LED flashlight. And yes, that's a meteor in the lower left!
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        It certainly is a sadness. The ST was my favorite show when it originally aired. Spock was a unique character. Nimoy also added much to the various ST movies in which he appeared. RIP


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          If not for Spock, I would have never believed or accepted the fact that we are not alone, and we are not.
          I prefer to believe they are benevolent and well meaning toward humanity, but the state of the world's affairs would seem to indicate otherwise, as the world today seems shrouded in darkness and on fire from within with evil everywhere,
          but the paradox is that they may be guiding and pushing us toward finally growing up as a race, however painful and destructive that may be; which may be the key to secure our long term eternal survival.
          Shall we become gods or machines? Do we have a choice? Does the future predict the past? Or vice versa ?
          They are messing with the elemental physics of time, space and all forms of energy combined right now,
          hellbent on destruction, slavery,and mortality, or enlightenment, transcendence and eternity?
          Only time will tell and we may all end up in hell of our own making.
          Eternity for all or not at all.
          We as a race do not deserve existence itself, if we cannot regain the right to sustain it.
          We will earn the right to reincarnate consciously, to transition the spiritual world into the material, and regain our innate abilities to understand and control the universe itself, else we all perish into darkness, destruction and dust forevermore.
          RIP SPOCK
          I love you and miss you already...
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            One of the most iconic characters in American fiction, if not of all time, in any genre or medium. And intrinsically tied to the actor who portrayed him.

            He will be missed, and Nimoy was a great talent in many ways. But very interesting that his passing is more about eulogies for Mr. Spock than for Leonard Nimoy.
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              i'd like to live about the same as Leonard Nimoy. but living up to 90+ is fine with me