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    I recently came across a Craig Anderton Tremolo circuit board layout and have searched the internet far and wide for the article that goes with his original version. Anyone know where I can find this??Not the updated Guitar Gadget's one with the Maxim +/-9 volt chip. Still running a CA pedal board/effects processor I built before they came into popularity. Building a new one now and want to include tremolo...

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    It's kind of embarrassing, but I can't lay my hands on a copy, I've relocated but haven't moved my stuff yet. Even then, I'd probably have to look in my old lab notebooks.

    IIRC it was based around a CA3080 amp from RCA. It was voltage-controlled, but it wasn't the quietest puppy in town because you had to hit it with a pretty low signal. Frankly, it was not one of my all-time favorite circuits - it did the job, but you could probably do better with a fast photo-resistor and basic triangle or sine wave oscillators.
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      Thanks for your response and looking Guru Man! The one I found calls for CLM6000, a TL072 and a 4049 which sounds like the one you describe. Was that a Guitar Player article or Paia or whatever? Just want to find the article if possible.
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