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  • ahem...OJ?

    I haven't been around in awhile. Where is Open Jam?
    Originally Posted by Mikeo

    If video killed the radio star, grunge killed the geetar solo.

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    Originally posted by garyweinrib View Post
    I haven't been around in awhile. Where is Open Jam?
    Open Jam and the Political forum are still around. The new owners decided to make OJ and Poli "opt in" forums since often "adult" language appears there. Because, you know, musicians and teenagers don't curse, talk about sex, or use bad language.

    Anyway, here's the link to where you need to post a request:


    Phil has been really diligent in checking and granting the requests.

    Terry D.
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      Opt-in stopped the emails that said "I was horrified at what my 13-year-old daughter found on your horrible web site! I will write the management at Musician's Friend and demand that your web site be shut down! You are bad people!" emails. Now all someone has to say is "your daughter chose to go there."
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