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I finally figured out the Apple thing!

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  • I finally figured out the Apple thing!

    Okay, as I consigned my IIci to the scrap heap, I realized that Apple's success is due to clever "hardware management." Apple makes nice margins on hardware; compare generic PC vs. Apple and you see what's happening. So Apple needs you to turn over your computers as much as possible for them to stay profitable, do R&D, come up with bold strokes like the iPod, etc.

    But to be fair, they hold up their end of the bargain. When you get a new Mac, first of all, it looks bitchin'. Apple's industrial design is about as good as it gets; their computers are works of art IMHO. And you get a state of the art performance boost (assuming any relevant software has been updated to accommodate new hardware) because of hardware improvements.

    Microsoft makes their bucks on the OS, so it's in their interest to have people get a new OS whenever Windows mutates into something new. And like Apple, they work hard to come up with the incentives so you go "Yeah, that's worth the bucks."

    But we're also talking pure, unfiltered planned obsolescence, aren't we? Even if I wanted to use my IIci, no web browser that would run on it would pass a web site's browser check.

    We all know progress has a price, but I think Apple has based their model around not just progress, but obsolescence. Even that brand new spanking Dual G5 is pretty much toast once the Intel-based models appear. In return, you get the latest and greatest. More and more, Apple is looking like sports cars, and Microsoft, like sedans -- albeit with leather seats and XM radio
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    Hi Craig, welcome to HC or should I say MF?

    As a long time Logic Audio user (I'm using Emagic products since Creator/Notator) I'm kinda stuck with Apple anyway. But even if I'd change to a different DAW, I doubt that I'd switch to PC. Apples are reliable, stable and never let me down through all these years. That said, for the studio I'm using Apple (just bought a new G5 dual 2,7GHz) and for everything else, the PC is just fine for my needs.


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      Howdy Craig!

      The real question is: Red apple or Green apple?
      "It's all good; except when it's Great."



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        Well I'm big on Apple computers is the way they look, the way they're so much stable as when I was studying in college with a custom-made music PC, it still crashed! While on Apple computers esp. since OS X the program crashes and you just open the thing again! Sweet! I'm saving for my Apple laptop at the moment...
        That's cool.



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          I think that's a pretty darned good description of the corporate cultures of the two computer giants Craig.

          I've been through a lot of different computers over the years - Ataris, Macs, PC's - For me, they're all just tools. If they can run the software I want to use, and they work reliably (and both can be reliable platforms), I'm a happy camper.

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            I'm a happy camper.

            Which is a lot better than being in a crappy hamper.
            "It's all good; except when it's Great."



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              So, did I. I figured out that they sucked and sold mine.


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                Sure, companies want to sell what they sell. Apple sells hardware, MS sells software. But "pure, unfiltered planned obsolescence?" Sounds like a conspiracy theory from a closet Apple hater!

                The IIci is from 1989.

                That computer lasted you 16 years.

                That's longer than people generally keep computers of any stripe, not to mention cars and cats.

                How many Microsoft programs do you still use from 1989? Is that pure, unfiltered planned obsolescence?

                (In any case, shame on me for taking the Mac vs. PC bait - I take it your strategy was to get this thread out of the way so that everyone could get past it and talk about the good stuff )

                - Peace, Love, and Brittanylips


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                  Hey Blips,

                  Welcome to the dark side.
                  "It's all good; except when it's Great."



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                    Hey JoTown

                    At first I wasn't so sure about these new digs, but as I started to explore the neighborhood a bit, the restaurants, bars, clubs, met a few locals, went fishing, saw a movie, got some takeout, ran a half marathon, did the glass bottom bus, a little antiquing, Lee's lecture on the semiology of SpongeBob , the potato sack races, paragliding, skeet shooting, fondue making class, medieval times dinner theater, whales in space iMax, open drum, neighborhood watch, potluck, virtual midwifery, naked Beatlemania, and make-your-own-pencils, I realized it wasn't all that bad.

                    -Peace, Love, and Brittanylips


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                      Originally posted by Brittanylips
                      ... virtual midwifery...

                      Is that for PS2 or XBox?


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                        Originally posted by aclarke

                        Is that for PS2 or XBox?

                        I'm nearly a virtual midwife - just another year of study

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                          Originally posted by Anderton
                          When you get a new Mac, first of all, it looks bitchin'.

                          One of the top features I look for in a computer.

                          But you are right.
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                            Apple -- not just elegant physical design -- elegant OS as well. I use both Macs and PCs extensively -- there is no comparison in terms of what one needs to know in order to troubleshoot problems. I'd recommend the Mac OS to any novice -- the security features alone make it worth the extra $. A lot of care and feeding goes into running a Windows machine in a networked environment.


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                              I compare Apples to BMWs.

                              They both a <4% market share but the quality is the best.

                              I currently use a two year Powerbook G4 as my main computer.

                              Great machines!