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How Important is MIDI to Your Recordings?

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    Austin has taken it's toll on me.

    I'm strictly organic / non-MIDI these days on my own stuff and most of my customers' stuff. And I mean *everything*. I had a real string quartet in the other day.

    Occasionally a client will come in and use my V-Drum set, but honestly it makes me cringe. It's not quite so terrible if they'll let me put up real cymbals and a real snare.

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      Its a mix of midi and audio for me with midi also serviing as a platform for control info such as program changes to pass around the system.

      Basically, I consider that I have three networks goin on in my little sandbox of a studio:

      1) Analog Audio:- line level connections between sound modules, effect units, mixer and recorder.

      2)Digital audio: connections to every piece of gear that has digital I/O. I seek to avoid conversions if at all possible.

      3) MIDI: patched from the PC/Cubase our a number of sound mudules and my automated mixer/recorder.

      All three of these networks get well used for each and every tune I work on. Some using a midi click and some without.

      Recently my investments have focused on replacing some often used midi sounds with real instruments. So, Ive bought a few saxes, a bass geetar and some perc. However, because of limitations in my home recording situation, strings, piano, full horn sections, drums and some other items will always be midi generated.

      I have also found midi to be a useful tool in creating/arranging.
      Randomly looping some bass tracks has lead me to some useful riffs. Sometimes i scroll through numerous midi sounds while playing the whole arrangement. This is a fun/interactive way to try out alternative voicings for a given midi part.
      FWIW- There are times I find this really useful.

      For what I use it for midi "as is" is just fine.
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        I started using virtual tracks of MIDI with tape sync back into the stone ages (1986)

        Then, I started using virtual tracks of MIDI, with early digital audio from the computer, mixing to tape in the mid-1990's

        Now, I still use MIDI, but bounce the tracks into digital audio for mixing in the box.

        I find myself using less MIDI for drums and percussion, and using more sample assembly. I don't use loops much.
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          I like to compose a lot with MIDI hardware, then start moving tracks to soft synths and record them to audio. I also like to play drum parts in using a Roland Handsonic or V-Drums.

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            "Anyhow, MIDI... it might turn into something some day if they work out the kinks...

            That's what I think about digital audio. In many ways, MIDI is a much more powerful technology. Try slowing down a simple drum track in digital audio. In MIDI you can do it with a click of the mouse. There are all sorts of problems if you try it in digital audio. It's easier to just re-record it.

            Try changing that guitar track to a flute...or a trombone.

            In digital audio? No can do.

            With MIDI, it's a cinch.

            People don't like MIDI time? Turn off the metronome and play the beat in your own time.

            I always feel like I'm constrained and limited working with digital audio. MIDI is liberation.

            Digital audio is a necessity for me. I always have to get there eventually. But I'd rather get there using the most powerful & flexible technology available to me. In my experience, that's MIDI.

            I wish human beings could sync to a MIDI clock. Maybe in our genetic future, it might be possible.
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