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Musicians, how does your stage sound compare to your studio sound?

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  • Musicians, how does your stage sound compare to your studio sound?

    I know it is common that recording tone can vary vastly from your live setup, since the studio is a much more controlled environment. Playing live, however, gives you less options, since you want to set up your rig in the smallest time possible, at the same time you would not have a hard time switching from one instrument to another, unless you are Joe Perry...

    So how does your live sound compare to your studio sound? ( regardless of your instrument)
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    I'm not sure which of two questions you're asking:

    (1) How does your record sound compared to your live sound out front, or

    (2) How does your record sound compared to what you hear on stage.

    Because they're two different things (even if you use a BOSE PAS, contrary to the opinion of some around here).

    In general, the answer to number 1 is that the live sound is much more dynamic but similar to the record if you don't go nuts on the record and change guitars/amps/effects/drumkits on every song.

    The answer to number 2, in general, depends on how good your monitor system and monitor engineer are, and whether you use in-ear monitors or wedges with fills, or whether you're very low budget and just have a couple wedges with vocals in them or no wedges at all. Generally, the onstage sound has been called the "fog of jam" for good reason, with all the beaming from the amps and confusing early reflections.

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