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Logic Express or Pro Tools M-Powered?

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  • Logic Express or Pro Tools M-Powered?

    I'm just getting into scoring. I recently purchased Logic Express but it only came with EXS(p)24 and for some reason I cant get my M-Audio Pro Sessions sample library to work with it. I recently was told that I need the EXS24 that comes with Logic Pro. Is this true? If so Does Mpowered support video?

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    Originally posted by Brandon Neice
    I'm just getting into scoring. Does Mpowered support video?
    I'm not sure if M-Powered supports video,but I'd probably stick with Logic if scoring is your leanings.
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      As an observer, I'd say that advice sounds pretty right.

      If you were mostly recording audio, I'd say the opposite, as Logic has a reputation for power at the expense of complexity. But PT is a little light in the MIDI loafers, by virtually all accounts.

      For scoring, stick with Logic or another MIDI-centric DAW/sequencer.

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        If you can pony up the extra cash, the Logic premium ( whatever it is called now) comes with EVERYTHING, and if you buy it as a student or school attendee/employee, you get it for 1/2, and the upgrade for you might only be a couple hundred bucks, but you get ALL the plug ins, etc.
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          stick with logic and get another vsti sampler to play your samples


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            You can actually stick with the EXSP24, exactly what format are the Pro Session in?

            The EXS instrument editor that was present in Logic Express 6, was removed in version 7.

            Redmatica will be releasing Keymap in April for creating exs instruments.

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