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Musicians you really have no feelings about one way or the other

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    Originally posted by songrytr

    For some reason this made me think of Foreigner.

    "I'm hot blooded...check it and see..."

    Funny thing is...I remember doing much better with the girls with the schmaltzy stuff on the 8-track. Billy Joel or Chicago trumped Robert Plant and Steve Tyler anytime in that regard.

    PERFECT example, Song...

    "Hot Blooded" would press the guy's (at least back in the early 80s) "Cruising looking for hot chicks" button. And, most guys, while looking for women, would have prefered to "bestudlify" themselves by having some macho music on...and then shifting to something a bit softer when the time was more appropriate.
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      Tangerine Dream

      Most other folks that come to mind, I have a definate opinion about...
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        Originally posted by myshkin

        YOu don't have to fight the rising hate as it courses thru your body?

        That's a trick question; Musicians are not featured on MTV anymore
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          Originally posted by elsongs

          That's a trick question; Musicians are not featured on MTV anymore

          Ah but theres some lovely cars and houses to get excited about