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2 easy (?) Cubase questions

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  • 2 easy (?) Cubase questions

    I have Cubase SX3 and need to do two time signature and tempo adjustments. Heres the probs

    I need to do a ritard at the end of the intro, but want to keep the click track going while I play. Is there a way to program the ritard into a tempo track? Or do I have to play it at "normal" tempo and do a time stretch or something.. ANY IDEAS?

    secondly - I have a spot nbefore the chorus where I have a 2/4 bar instead of a 4/4 bar. Is there a way to program this as well so my bars line up and I'm not two beats of in Cubase for half the song?

    I've kinda browsed through the manual but can't seem to find what I'm looking for... If you know what section of the maula explains this I will be more than happy to read upon it... or just tell me the short end of how to do these things

    Thanks for the help

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    there is a Tempo Track editor for the ritardando

    drag a 2/4 at the place where you have the signature change, of course you have to drag another 4/4 after, or you're displaced by two beats


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      I use Nuendo but I think it's about the same.

      Nuendo has a tempo-track editor.

      You can program everything in there. Tempo changes and odd measures and such.

      I just go to >>> Project >>> Tempo track
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        At a first glance, SX/L appears to have neither Cubase VST's Master Track or List Master Track Editor, and while the Master Track still exists in SX/L as the Tempo Track, there only seems to a graphical editor for adding tempo and time signature changes


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          thanks for the replies, I found what I needed in the operation manual... I preliminarily only looked in the "Getting started" manual. There is a tempo track editor to do exactly what I need

          Thanks again