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Heard this weird thing about MP3s

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    Hey Ken, ask him what he smokes so that we'll make sure we don't smoke them!! or what he puts in his coffee.

    As a former Law professor once told a student who confidently and vigorously argued a point, "son if I didn't know the Law, I'd have believed you"

    When you argue a point vehemently enough and with enough confidence, people will do start to believe you.

    I kinda had the same experience in another forum where this "live sound engineer" explained how he widens his stereo sound by splitting the signals of his mono TLM 170
    without the aid of other mics.



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      Ken, an album CD is 700+ megabite. An album CD in MP3 is some 80 megabyte.

      Where has that 620+ megabyte gone?
      Aka the 'sign' of MP


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        Ken, an album CD is 700+ megabite. An album CD in MP3 is some 80 megabyte.

        Where has that 620+ megabyte gone?

        I'll bet you know where it went!!! Give it back!!!
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          Of course, he might be so far down in his hole of misinformation that all he can do is keep digging; but that would just make this ridiculous thread even more interesting!

          I once got in an argument with another guitarist I'd been jamming with at a pal's house.

          This guy kept insisting the old Roland Virtual Guitar System was a synthesizer.

          I said, Well, I can see why you'd look at it that way, but it's really an effect -- since it modifies the original tone rather than sampling the tone to derive pitch value from it and then driving a synth with the values -- but I agree, it can produce synth-like sounds, however with far less latency than a guitar MIDI tracker will generate.

          No, it's a synth, he said.

          We went around and round, with me trying to make sure we were using the same terms and it was clear that he FIRMLY believed the unit was a synth.

          When he got to his "best evidence" I'm afraid I laughed right in his face: "I know it's a synth, because I used to sell them at Guitar Center."

          I later sent him a chunk of pertinent info I'd cut and pasted directly from the Roland website which I thought set the issues out quite clearly.

          I got an email back: "You're wrong."

          At that point I just said, Man, this guy is simply a colossal idiot.

          They're out there.

          PS... sad thing is, this guy is NOW in public "education."

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            Nod as if in agreement, smile, distract him with something shiny, change the subject to puppies...