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  • Large Subwoofer Array

    Hi, I am undertaking a massive subwoofer research project for an auditorium that seats approximately 3,000. The auditorium currently has and array of 18" passive subs. However, they are very flat, and I am looking into options for future replacement, and I am responsible for researching and presenting information regarding different options. Would anyone know of some different sources that I could use in researching this? Thanks!!

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    Em... by very flat, do you mean their physical aspect? Or their frequency response for bass?

    You can probably find a host of white papers on the topic by Googling. Another option is to discuss it with a sound reinforcement contractor. Just offhand, I'd say most of the expertise here in this forum is in the area of smaller rooms - - a medium size auditorium like you're talking about is a whole different can of worms.

    It might also be worth your while to look through some forums on concert PA systems...