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SONAR x64 on VISTA x64... a mixed bag...

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  • SONAR x64 on VISTA x64... a mixed bag...

    We've been discussing SONAR x64 and Vista x64 on different threads, but I haven't seen one where we discuss how they work together, so here goes:

    Last week I installed VISTA x64 on my machine, and also installed the x64 version of SONAR 6.

    I've been playing around with them together for about a week now...

    My verdict is:

    SONAR 6 x64 does indeed seem to offer smaller latency, even on my big DXi and VSTi hogs... I can even bring my ASIO latency down to 20 and sometimes 10.

    The drawbacks of SONAR x64 are not insignificant, however: While it recognizes all of my VST's, there are many many of my DX plugins it does NOT recognize, no way no how, including quite a few plugins I just can't live without... ANTARES TUBE, f'rinstance, SONIC MAXIMIZER and SONIC FOUNDRY NR just to name three.

    The solution, I thought, was to also install a simultaneous/parallel version of SONAR 6 x32 on the same drive. Voila! There were all my DX plugins which had been unrecognized by the x64 version. I've tried to shuttle back-and-forth between the two as needed, to get the best of both worlds, even though this is a tiny bit cumbersome.

    Also, with both versions of SONAR 6 installed, each version tends to crash more often than I'd like, and SONAR has a stubborn way of keeping its processes alive even when you use the Task Manager to try to kill them. I'm going to try to use a 3rd party x64 process killer to see if this helps, but I'm not holding my breath....

    Have any of you encountered these effects?

    Thanks in advance, ras
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    Oh, yes, with Sonar4 I've encountered the process that will not die on XP many, many times.

    So it may not be an x64 process per se, but some weirdbutt thing Sonar has habitually done that just now you are tripping over with your dual-run setup.

    nat whilk ii


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      I think it's related to drivers not letting go. I've encountered it with 32-bit Sonar as well.
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        Yeh, me also. And that will often make the system shutdown take forever it seems, because this zombie process is refusing to die.
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