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Led Zeppelin finally coming to digital

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  • Led Zeppelin finally coming to digital

    November 13

    The band is due to release a two-CD retrospective, "Mothership," the same day.

    I thought George Clinton had dibs on the Mothership.

    And how many more times are they going to release retrospectives? I think there have been more albums released since they broke up the band than there were before Bonham died. oke:
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    Hendrix holds the record for Albums released after death......


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      Uh, lots of Elvis stuff too, ya know.

      Both Elvis and Jimi have made way more money after dying than they did while alive. So, if you want a lot of money, just die. It's all so simple.

      Regarding Zeppelin: if you count the live albums and box sets, then yes, they've released more albums after the band ended. But not by much. They did nine albums of original material (if you count Coda, which I do).
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