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Roland PK5 trouble, any advise?

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  • Roland PK5 trouble, any advise?

    Hi, I'm not sure where to post this, but figured this might be close. I just bought a Roland PK5 Midi Bass pedal to replace the Studiologic one that I've been using because I'm starting to gig with it a lot and the reviews I read here convinced me it was built like a tank and very reliable. Well, after just having it a few days, in the middle of playing it, it goes silent and all the led lights start blinking like when you turn it on. I shut it off, back on, then it works fine for a few minutes before doing it again. Before I return it I thought a post might be in order, maybe somebody has experienced this. Thanks

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    Did you make sure the batteries are fresh? If using an ac adapter make sure it's ok too.

    The acid test is to put in 6 new batteries and see if it still does it.