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In the best traditions of Tom Lehrer

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  • In the best traditions of Tom Lehrer

    In the best traditions of Tom Lehrer "The Chaser" caused a stir this week. The Chaser are our local larrakins who push the limits on taste and politics every week. One of the highest rating shows on TV here.


    click on play and then select No4 - Eulogy song. You won't know the people mentioned but they are aussie personalities, sports stars and businessmen etc. Pure black humour in typical Lehrer style.

    It also shows you what words we can get away with on TV here in Oz.
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    Hi John,

    Funny vid. Great stuff for adults. To tell the truth, with the proliferation of that sort of language and lack of respect being used these days by 8 year olds, I'm kinda glad we have a semlance of censurship here in the colonies, at least as far as public TV goes. Cable TV, well.. that's another story. BTW, he kind of resembles a young version of our Sen. John Kerry .

    Best, Paul
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