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RIP Robert Goulet

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  • RIP Robert Goulet

    Music, thoughts, stuff, and... I guess that's all

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      He seemed like a nice guy.
      Music, thoughts, stuff, and... I guess that's all


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        I shared Elvis' dislike (well, actually Elvis freakin' HATED the guy...he once shot a television when Goulet came on) of him.

        I always thought he used his "big voice" at the expense of all emotion.
        There was no subtlety to go along wiht the bombast.
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          I know. I kinda liked that.
          Music, thoughts, stuff, and... I guess that's all


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            I was a huge fan of his very brief TV show, Blue Light, a spy thriller kind of thing. I think it was one of those odd little half hour adventure shows like the original Peter Gunn and the first few seasons of Rat Patrol. He didn't sing in it -- that might have been really interesting. My mom was pretty disappointed about that. She was really wowed by him in Camelot.

            Funny... for some reason I still think of him as a young guy... I guess it was the boyish looks.

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              I know. I kinda liked that.

              Me, too. Kinda like a tolerable Shatner.
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              A soul, waiting to go to God, wanted a turkey sandwich.


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                Kinda like a tolerable Shatner.

                Damn... what an epitaph.


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                  I'm a fan.

                  That sucks. Hard to believe really, I'll always think of him as this young handsome dude.
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                    Me, too. Kinda like a tolerable Shatner.

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                      Firestone sold Christmas compilation albums in the 1960s. One year, Goulet sang a less-known hymn "Panis Angelicus." That song & recording is my favorite Christmas music. Still brings chills and memories.


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                        I will also say that his last well-known professional work, in the TV ad campaign for Emerald Nuts, was terrific.
                        Music, thoughts, stuff, and... I guess that's all


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                          I'm a fan. Sorry to see him pass.
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                            "Batmobile lost it's wheel and joker got awayyyyyyy hey!"

                            I never really followed him. I knew a few songs from EZ listening radio when I was a kid though, "If Ever I would Leave You" etc.
                            I do think he looked better without the mustache.

                            Kinda like a tolerable Shatner.

                            Ironic. Goulet started with Shatner on a Canadian version of the Howdy Doody show.
                            Man, if they could have had Shatner, Goulet, and maybe Adam West all singing together on stage in Vegas, now that would have been something really special.
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