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POD advertisment on the main page bugs me.

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  • POD advertisment on the main page bugs me.

    okay so long time ago the video ads on the main page would play sound as soon as you got to the page. his sucked for 2 reasons.

    1) loud sounds are annoying, and can get you in trouble at work.

    2) Most of us, being music people, are already listening to something.

    so the solution that was developed was to play the sound, ONLY if the mouse was over top of the video. This was a good solution , and make everybody happy, a hard thing to do these days.

    HOWEVER the pod ad, plays quite/loud, rather then on/off. And that bugs me.

    Can we fix this please???

    -token canadian

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    sound on any website bugs me unless initiated by the user. big no-no!!!


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      and we pay for faster download speeds only to be bombarded with speed taxing, useless content.

      Blatant advertizing for one of my latest "one man band" productions.

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        We switched over to a new player technology, which you can see in its full glory for the AES videos...overall it's far better behind the scenes in terms of getting videos up and having smoother playback, but it does have the volume glitch and the IT people are discussing how to fix it. I'll bring it up again at our weekly meeting on Thursday.
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          People... do not ignore the magic and beauty of that excellent tool, the browser bookmark...

          I have a FireFox bookmark that opens up my three favorite HC forums, my three favorite GearSlutz forums, and the (slow-loading) All Music Guide -- just so it'll be handy if I need/want to looks something up -- as I often find myself doing with my new subscription service, which, unlike the old one, does not have any significant artist info or even a good "recommendation engine." (You know, you're on the Jefferson Airplane page and the recommendation engine says, "You may also like the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and you'll probably despise the Starship...")

          Anyhow... I guess the downside is that when you've got a really good bookmark set you can end up just going the same places over and over.

          Still, it's handy for getting there...

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            i dont think i have seen the front page here other than the main page to the forums.