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Any good music in Nashville? ;-)

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  • Any good music in Nashville? ;-)

    We're going there in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations on where to go?
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    We're going there in a couple of weeks. Any recommendations on where to go?
    If you're there on a Monday night, catch The Time Jumpers at the Station Inn. Most of the band members are regular session players and this is their "night out with the boys" (and girls - Dave Martin's wife sings with the band). I've never caught their live show, but their recording is first rate.
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      Hey Jeff,

      Here's the links:

      Our version of the LA Weekly newspaper:

      Of course there city search:

      A great place for LIVE music any night of the week:

      The Wildorse Saloon has been pulling in some huge acts since our ampitheater closed:

      Acoustic Songwriter Music:

      Great LIVE music here too:

      Man that's about enough to make anybody wanna come. There's always something happening. Let me know if you need help finding the right place to stay. More later.

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        I was there recently. There is a strip along Broadway with lots of clubs close to each other. Most of them had no cover charge. All the bands I saw were quite decent. The Don Kelley Band stood out a bit for some good traditional C&W.

        And don't miss the Grand Ole Opry and the old Grand Ole Opry building (Ryman auditorium) still has shows also. The current G.O.P is a very commercial amusement park kind of scene, but for a reasonable price one can see a lot of artists, many of them legendary, all in one show.
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