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Yankees offer manager gig to........

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  • Yankees offer manager gig to........

    Joe Girardi

    Originally Posted by PHILL MOSSING

    Women's restrooms look like a place where chimpanzees are killed by hand.

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    And A-Rod jumps ship.

    Back when we were watching WS Game 1, there were announcements the Yanks might introduce their new manager the next day. I told my wife they'd let this linger til the Series was over, so they could grab at least some of the limelight....

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      And A-Rod jumps ship.

      Nice of Beelzebub...I mean Scott Boras... to announce that during a World Series game. And then the Fox Sports crew start blabbering about where he might end up during the game. And then conclude that Boston has to be in the mix.

      Let's see, I'm Theo Epstein, my third baseman is a free agent. Do I try to swing a deal with:

      a) The guy I've had on board for two seasons, who has been a total class act, team guy, and just won World Series MVP; or

      b) A guy who gets tailed by the tabloids, generally seems detached from his teammates, and whose most notable playoff performance was slapping Bronson Arroyo's wrist on a tag play.

      Tough choice. oke:
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