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Anyone know this optical?

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  • Anyone know this optical?

    I got this optical cable a while back from an old batch of Avid junk. Anyone familiar with this interface?

    This is nice quality cable that I'd love to use with my AES/EBU-SPDIF interfaces, but it's a strange non-standard plug that I've personally never seen before. That's some kind of identifying numbers on the left there. It came in a plastic bag with a sticker saying FIPVSCSC-10 on it.

    Can I chop these off and stick standard optical jacks on this? If so, where would I find standard plugs I can crimp on this?

    This may be wishful thinking, but it's a bird in hand, and it's really nice quality cable, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks for any info on this.

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    That is a Multi-mode duplex cable with SC connectors - Very common in data and voice communications.


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      Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to adapt these for AES/SPDIF use? Thanks again.


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        No. It's an SC connector, not a TOSLINK.
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          Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to adapt these for AES/SPDIF use? Thanks again.

          No, not really, at least in an inexpensive way. Fiber Optic cables are available in a varaity of diameters, from 6 microns to over 100 microns. I do not know the diameter specification for TOSLINK fiber connections.

          The duplex cable in the picture is a multi-mode cable that likely has a diameter of 62.5 microns, or possibly 50 microns. There are several methods for splicing fiber connections which include fusing and heat shrink. All of these methods require a splicing machine (some with a built-in microscope) that will line up the hair-like thickness fiber properly with the connector in question. These machines are only available currently commercially at a cost of well over $10,000.00, and that is for a cheap one. You can't just buy a TOSLINK connector and attach it to the end of the fiber cable without some precision, because if it it not centered precisely, the light will not pass and you will get reflections, that can cause significant loss.



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            Thanks for your replies. I figured if I could simply convert it I'd use it, as it's a nice length of the stuff. No big deal.