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  • Lookin for some ideas...

    I have a gig coming up that I will be doing solo...

    Here's my idea. I want to perform with just my acoustic guitar, a mic and my laptop. I've been creating backing tracks in Cubase and I want to run everything from the line out of my USB interface to the speakers.

    Here's my questions...

    1: I want to use VST effects on my voice and guitar. What program should I use that hosts VSTs but doesn't eat up a ton of memory/cpu real estate?

    2: Smooth transitions between songs. I don't want to stop and load the next backing track in between songs... I want there to be a sort of polished feel to the set. What's the best way to accomplish this?

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    Take this over to the Solo forum..They will square ya away


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      You could just make mixes of the backing tracks and play them off of an ipod.
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