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I'm bummed...another business bites the dust?

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  • I'm bummed...another business bites the dust?

    I don't know how many of you have done business with audiomidi.com. They are close to my house and I have bought a ton of stuff from them. Hardware, software, mic's, room treatment etc etc. I have a Sam Ash in walking distance and a Guitar Center about 2 miles away......but I hate going there. Audiomidi was my go to. Their No Brainer sales were awesome.......I can't tell you how many killer software products, mostly plug in's that I got for $15 or $20 that are normally $150 or more.

    Well I tried calling them to get info on Toontrack EZ Keys......for two days. Then last night I went to their site and it was shocking how little they have on there, compared to just a month or so ago when I last looked.

    Well, today I found out from a source that they had major layoffs, the remaining staff are working from home and they don't know what is happening to the company but they all think they are going out of business. Plus they closed the Chatsworth warehouse.


    This is just too bad. They have always been a joy to deal with and have done me well....held products for me and all so I wouldn't miss a sale etc...just nice to a loyal customer type of stuff. It was great being able to walk in and not have to pay shipping, although they were primarily online only. I never saw any other customers in there........I think I was the only walk in......LOL!

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    Selling $150 software for $15-$20! That's probably why they are going out of business. That and being located in Commiefornia.


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      You should try living in Australia right now...

      We're in the process of losing our biggest music retailer. An American equivalent would be losing Musician's Friend or Guitar Centre. Allan's Music was stupid enough to get its financing from a London bank that's now pulled the plug on them. So now every store is set to close, and they're dumping their entire inventory onto the market at cost.

      In the short term, that's great for people like me. In the last month or so I've bought new monitors, a new mixer, a pair of good headphones, a POD HD400, and two new guitars. This week I'm going to look at some PA speakers. On the other hand, I'd better be buying all this stuff right now, because I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to be able to source it in the future.


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        Allan's was doing ok when there was no or little competition from ebay and the like, they have too large overheads to give any decent discounts now, and they missed the boat getting on the web in the first place.


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          Goddamit....I just wrote a reply hit submit and it immediately said it cannot find the server and my post is lost. I guess I need to just get in the habit of copying the entire post before I try submit it.......so I can just paste the words in on the second, or maybe 3rd attempt? I hate this ****************. Oh, this will post I'm sure....now that I am being pissy. Please fix an otherwise great site y'all's.