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  • Best wishes to EB

    Hey, our very own Ernest Buckley got nailed by Hurricane Sandy. He lost a bunch of studio equipment and a car. He's okay, and his home is still standing, but I figured it couldn't hurt if we sent him some good wishes.
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    Sorry to hear that, please hang in there Ernest. I remember some Craig hurricane stories from long ago.

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      I've seen the pics on Facebook

      My sympathies, Ernest. And as David Charles says above, hang in there
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        Amen to that. Feeling bad for him at the sight of all that loss. What a drag...

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          Sorry to hear that, Ernest. I hope everything that was lost was insured and easily to replace.

          I'm sure we'll be hearing reports from other members who were affected by Hurricane Sandy as power and Internet service returns to the region. My sympathy and thoughts are with all of you.


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            Sorry to hear this EB. Positive vibes sent.


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              Bummer!! Sending positive vibes your way, good luck Ernest.
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                Best wishes that all who suffers through this and recover with as little suffering as possible. Hang in there brother.


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                  Ernest's personal studio and gear definitely got trashed, but he was able to save his computer and his music files, his house is still there and his family is safe. So we can be thankful for that.

                  I'm sure all our thoughts, prayers, and/or meditations (as appropriate ) are going out to all those affected by the storms.

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                    When you see photos of doors being cracked underneath due to rushing water and the line where the water got up to in his house (over six feet), it gives a small perspective as to how powerful the storm and floods were.

                    Of course, seeing an entire pier with a roller coaster snaking around in the water, cars floating, homes washed away, several feet of mud in people's homes, and so forth gives an even larger picture of the devastation.

                    Best wishes to everyone affected by the storms. Including Ernest.
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                      Hello Everyone,

                      Thanks for the well wishes. I can assure you, I am much luckier than many others. I have at least 3 friends that I know of that lost their homes. The damage done by this storm is far worse than anything we (NYC) imagined. Last year, the city categorized areas into "Zones". Zone A means you`re in a flooding area and usually is evacuated at the sign of any major storm. Then theres Zone B where I live... we were not told to evacuate until 8:40p which was 30 minutes after my house flooded. A little too late...

                      You can`t really prepare for something like this. I mean you can purchase a generator for your house, gas, non perishable food, water, etc... but the water? nah... when it comes, it doesn`t care whats in the way, it`ll go over, under and around it, looking for the weakest link. The first sign of water appeared on the floor near the wall. Then it crept up to the windows and the stairs that led to my basement/studio door. There the water gathered and grew until it eventually pushed the door till the lock started to rip out from the door. Then it had to pass two other steel doors: one that goes to my tenants apartment and one that goes to my studio.... there the water grew even more and eventually busted a hole right through the wall. Truly staggering how powerful it can be and this was only 6 feet of water!

                      Power was restored on Friday evening which was nice. However, we`re still w/o hot water and heat. It`s going down below freezing tonight. My plumber is working on things as I write this so fingers are crossed...

                      Anyway, I was able to save my computer, drives, some outboard gear, my guitars and monitors. I should have grabbed my mics instead of the $300 D5s but when you`ve got seconds to save something, you just start grabbing what you can. None of the gear was insured and the Mackie Control Universal was just purchased a week before the storm! That hurts a bit...

                      Moving on... compared to the devastation not too far from me in Breezy Point, Belle Harbor, Gerritson Beach, Long Beach Island (all within 10 miles of me), it`s only gear and it can be replaced. As many of you already know, I`ve been downsizing my studio over the years. Now I`m looking at downsizing even further. I don`t plan on replacing everything that was lost and I`ll probably sell some of the gear that survived, especially the guitars. Sandy reminded me that I don`t need much to get by. Maybe Sandy did me a favor... looking back at all this, I`m sure one day it`ll make sense and I`ll say to myself, "Thanks to Sandy, this happened and that led to this over here...." and on it goes.

                      Most importantly, the family is fine and theres a roof over our heads.

                      Just for a little more perspective... last evening I texted some friends to see how they were doing. One of them texted me back saying she was homeless. She needed a place for herself and two kids. Being a single mom & dealing with this is way more stressful than what I`m experiencing. I made some phone calls this morning for her and possibly found her an apartment. Doing my best to help out those who were less fortunate makes me feel better about my own "inconveniences".




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                        Wow Ernest...that's tough, but at least you didn't suffer physical harm to you or your family.

                        PM me with the gear you lost but need to replace. I may have a spare something sitting around that could help you out...I don't have a Mackie Control, sorry...but let me know. It would be a tangible way to thank you for all your contributions to this forum over the years.

                        One tip: Use a hair dryer to blast as much heat as possible into every nook and cranny, that might help keep mold from taking hold.

                        Good luck, my friend. Don't forget that PM.
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                          Oh wow, that's too bad. I'm glad you're OK and that at least your house made it through.
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                            Best wishes EB!
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                              Update: We finally got our heat back tonight, thanks to my plumber coming in on a Sunday to get it done!

                              Also, just replaced the two cars that were totaled so we`re slowly getting back to "normal". Car dealers are crooks.

                              I`ve decided to further downsize my setup as well... going with the following...

                              Duet 2... will purchase another one. Great sound... great price. And another pair of ATH-M50s... love those phones.

                              The Roland FP3 which was lost thanks to Sandy will be replaced with the FP4... just love the feel and sound of these keyboards.

                              SM57 will be my first mic purchase. I`ll eventually get another 4050 but for now, the 57 will do.

                              Eventually another Vox amp is in my future and a couple of BOSS stomp boxes.

                              Thanks for all the support folks during this surreal time.