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  • Spamkitty!

    I did my usual late night spam deletion patrol, but one of the spam posts had a cool picture of a cat, so I couldn't resist sparing it from the Termination with Extreme Prejudice spam button.

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    Bad kitty! You know you're not supposed to advertise unrelated products without permission on these fora! It's right in the TOS! Bad! BAD!
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      Let's give it a bath!!!!
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        Quote Originally Posted by Lee Knight
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        Let's give it a bath!!!!

        Could also be a hydration/body fluid thing. The fur tufting like that can mean dehydration that affects the epidermis. Could also mean that kitty just got done rolling in the dirt on a hot day. Still, the dark line at the jaw line looks like it could be flea eggs in the first fold of skin under the jaw bone. I'm thinking third world kitties may not have good access to Advantage treatments.

        Cool looking cat, anyhow.

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          It has that "waiting for food" look.