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Free Monophonic Guitar to MIDI Converter VST

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  • Free Monophonic Guitar to MIDI Converter VST

    Hello everyone, i've made a plugin that converts guitar signal to MIDI monophonically in realtime, it's still in development stage but if you're interested you can get it here :


    Feel free to post comments about it


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    Maybe I'm getting paranoid but I'm scared to click on that link from a first time poster.

    Here's an idea - someone else do it and let me know if it's safe?

    (If it's kosher it sounds like a cool idea)


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      Well, he's got an mp3 demo of the program so i'd assume it's safe/legit. I clicked the link here at work so i unfortunately can't listen to it. As with everything, make sure your antivirus is activated before downloading.
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        I suspect OP's link is benign. But I have to say, good luck, to those who think their background AV scanning is likely to catch many current threats.

        The last study I saw on the efficacy of background antivirus scanning indicated that even the big vendors who presumably try to stay right on top of threats miss as much as 80 percent of current threats -- which are, after all, what you've got to watch out for.

        Keeping OS, browsers, and net-enabled software patched and up to date -- and safe surfing -- are your best protections, seems to me. (And, sadly, safe surfing does mean being wary about links to unfamiliar sites/sources.)

        OP might be well advised to place his software on something like http://www.kvraudio.com/

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          Good luck.
          I have never heard an analog to midi program that worked anyways near decent. The guitar signal waveform is just too complex with its overtones for the program to decypher properly and the sound glitches all over the place.

          They even have a hard time using a midi pickup converting directly with the best out there.


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            The link looks legit to me, but I have not downloaded and inspected the VST dll.

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                No one wants to take a risk ? Ok, maybe this doesn't help but KVR has verified the upload, check this thread :


                also VirScan.org report :


                How can there's no brave people here...


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                  How can there's no brave people here...
                  I should have enough free time over the weekend. I'll report back sometime after. Thanks for the work and effort.
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                    I should have enough free time over the weekend. I'll report back sometime after. Thanks for the work and effort.

                    Thanks too !


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                      No one wants to take a risk ?


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                          Why is your VST "Guitar to MIDI converter" plug-in using routines in snmpapi.dll and ws2_32.dll?

                          Tell us. We want to know.

                          because it is using the gullibility of naive musicians to implant the next big botnet for DOS attacks on someone? market research for pr0n sites? trafficking highly illegal underage material?
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                            Sorry man, 3 posts and you're wanting other to download questionable program of a type that suck in genral, forget it. You have all kinds of attack, decay, tonal and dynamic issues that dont translate.

                            If I need midi its simple, I use midisoft and click the notes in, I play keyboard, Or I pull out mu midi guitar. Anything in comparison is super lame and not worth the time messing with.


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                              And ws2_32.dll is the WinSock socket utility that contains the socket API for handling internet and network communications.

                              I'm no music application developer -- but this raises my eyebrows.

                              HEY BRO

                              These libraries are automatically linked by a lot of SDKs -- especially Winsock.

                              In general, checking the linked libraries is fairly useless as far as malware detection goes. You'd be far better off checking the list of system calls the dll potentially invokes or doing some behavioural analysis in a VM sandbox.

                              Also, if it's a packed image, that is the reddest of red flags.

                              I'll see if I can check the file out when I get home from work today.
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