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Those synthy Toms that fall in pitch...what are they called?

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  • Those synthy Toms that fall in pitch...what are they called?

    Dumb n00B question,  as I'm not a drummer:


    What do you call those synth-y pitched toms--    widely heard during the 1980's---    that fall very sharply in pitch when they're played.  Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu!    Any VSTi you know produce these sounds today?


    Thanks,  ras

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    Early Simmons electronic drums.  The SDS-V in the very early 80s with the hexagonal drum pads was the one that really made a splash.  There were a bunch of other Simmons models before and after (SD-4,5,8,9....), and they're still making the things.  Samples are everywhere, common as sin - any VST sampler like Kontakt would have wav files.   


    nat whilk ii




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      thank you,  nat whilk iii!

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    There were also the Synare series of drum synths from Star Instruments. I had a Synare 3 years ago. Cool drum synth / electronic drum. It did the classic late 70s / early 80s era "dooooooom" style synth drum drops, but you could dial up all kinds of different sounds with it. Supposedly one was used for the snare / clap sound on Heartache Tonight by the Eagles, and you'll hear stuff that sounds just like them on all sorts of Cars tracks - Good Times Roll comes to mind. Not sure if that's what was used for that track, but that synth can definitely do those types of sounds.




     Here's a link to some free Synare 3 samples.



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      Thanks, Phil! what a cool gadget!