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  • Roland Quad-Capture problem

    Got a new Quad-Capture.  In terms of what it does as an interface with a couple of preamps and so on, it's a great little piece of gear for the price.  And the latency IS low, even on XP.  


    But here's a problem - I've installed it on and XP machine and also a Win7 machine.  And on both, I'm getting system freezes when I move to or from internet-based audio to hard-drive based audio.  In other words, I can boot up, run Sonar or Windows Media Player and it runs just fine.  But if I then try to access audio via the internet, the audio won't sound.  And my system will either freeze or I won't be able to shut down using the normal shut-down procedure. Not even a 3finger crash will work - I have to just shut the machine down manually.


    So clearly there's some conflict going on.  The first thought is that my old onboard sound features and drivers were probably causing the problem.  So I carefully uninstalled all audio drivers and disabled all audio hardware.  And I uninstalled Chrome, too, just in case it was the problem.   And then I re-installed only the Quad-Capture drivers and Chrome.  And I used Control Panel to make sure that only the Quad-Capture was set up as the default (and only) audio hardware. This made no difference.


    Oh, and I downloaded the updated driver for the Quad-Capture and followed the precise instructions for installation.  So that's not the issue.


    One thing I have looked at is in Control Panel, there are a bunch of audio codecs, and Media Control Devices.  These can't be disabled, they can only be deleted.  So I haven't messed with any of these features - I wouldn't know what I was doing, and I wouldn't know how to restore something if I did delete it.


    Anyone have this problem, too with any of the Roland *.*-Capture gear?  Any solutions??  Suggestions welcome, too.


    nat whilk ii


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    Check the Sounds and Audio Devices in the Windows Control Panel. Click on the Audio tab and be sure that the Quad Capture is selected as the Windows default audio playback device.

    It could be that Windows is trying to talk to it with the standard sound card driver rather than the Roland/Cakewalk WDM driver.

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    • nat whilk II
      nat whilk II commented
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      Thx, Mike.  Yeah, I did try that and all the other standard Windows troubleshooting stuff (disabling all other audio devices, re-installing, poring over msconfig so on, trying to turn off any services or bootup background stuff that could be trampling all over the Roland driver.)


      My sneaking suspicion at this point is that it's one of two things - 


      a - I'll need a clean install of Windows and never install drivers for the onboard soundcard not even once so the registry never even gets a whiff than any other sound device other than the Quad-Capture exists in the known universe.  I've got a new big HD for music stuff on the way from Newegg anyway, so I'll try it out on that new one when it gets here.


      b - this is a driver problem that Roland is going to have to address in a future update.


      nat whilk ii