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  • I decided not to post my last comment.


    • Originally posted by sventvkg

      I decided not to post my last comment.

      you ok brother?



      • Hey, Cmala...thanks for the positive comments...

        It was a rough demo take...in other words...the current argument is "club owners don't want a demo to sound like it was done in the studio, they want to hear what you sound like live"...so that was supposed to sound more or less "live". Which doesn't necessarily mean "sloppy", it just means "not slick" (you know, no 40 overdubs, choir, string quartet and all...
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        • Originally posted by Tedster

          ...so that was supposed to sound more or less "live"..

          That was how it sounded. Like I was sitting there listening to y'all.

          You did use more than one guitar track though didn't you? I mean, that's more than just one guitar playing right?


          • Originally posted by Johnny Storm

            Thanks, Ted! And I agree that the transition in "Lovely Day" is quite harsh, but it's intended to be so. It represents a moment of realization, where everything else stops, and an entirely new thought process starts. A revelatory moment, if you will - and I'm sure you will.

            The song is about a raver in the '90s, who suddenly has an epiphany about what's really going on.

            See... this is what happens when you take too long to go back to a clip thread.

            I was just finishing up "Lemon Frosting" when I read your above post. When I listened to "Lovely Day", that second movement made complete sense to me - now I wonder if I would've felt similar to Tedster had I just heard it cold. Still... both tunes are excellent. Are you performing everything on the recordings?

            Originally posted by Tedster

            I think I've posted it before, but I can't remember where (or why, for that matter)

            The Way It Goes

            That song has both a rich voice and composition.

            Originally posted by GeoffonTour

            Some stuff I put together on cubase with some fairly basic plugins, more guitar stuff coming shortly


            Geoff.. I was pleasantly surprised to hear this. I too was disappointed that "How Could They" cut off. So... just to clarify... did you use VST instruments in Cubase for all this stuff? I kinda like the piano sound in "Still Awake".

            This is all I'll get through tonite... I'm looking forward to listening to everything else thread (although I'll obviously skip over my own stuff).

            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯Â¯Â¯Â¯Â¯Â¯Â¯Â¯Â¯

            my own tunes @ www.myspace.com/pintomusic



            • Alfonso's stuff is magical. I'll be placing an order.
              Fusion Tycoon

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              • ...


                • yeah Alfonso's music is beautiful stuff, love the rhythms...could be a soundtrack to lots of different things

                  I'll drop one more link in this thread...theme song from a new side project I'm working on...

                  Grace (3.26MB mp3)


                  • Originally posted by Jimbroni

                    Alfonso's stuff is magical. I'll be placing an order.

                    Sincerely I couldn't imagine a nicer response in such a synthetic comment! I've put a lot of time, heart and...money, just to come out with something that could reflect my musical personality with no compromise, different from the sound design and documentaries scoring that have to take in account decisions taken from others...

                    Originally posted by Steve LeBlanc

                    yeah Alfonso's music is beautiful stuff, love the rhythms...could be a soundtrack to lots of different things

                    Good comments make you happy, it might be an "ego" thing, but I think it's human...

                    The rythm parts in this CD are mainly coming from real instruments, I have some ethnic percussions I bought around, sometimes they are sold as "souvenirs" but sound good, then bongos, shakers and everyday objects.

                    But a big part is coming from dsp modular patches made to emulate skin and body of a percussion with random generators humanizing sequences, and a mix of the two things, real sources processed through granular and other forms of synthetic treating. This concept is found also in some pads. The first track, Polyverse starts with a glassy sound, I used a "sample oscillator" loaded with a recording of a glass (water tuned) played with my finger, much better than a single-cicle wavetable sound...then obviously some formant filters make it talk at some point...

                    Most of the synth sounds you can hear come from modular instruments built from scratch, mixed synth techniques and you won't find anything that could be defined as a "preset"....I started composition from timbral research.

                    Dear forumites, I'm happy that this work is starting to be heard and appreciated, "magic" and "beautiful" are definitions that can make your day (week, month!)

                    http://www.spacemuse.com/http://cdbaby.com/cd/damoranatalehttp://payplay.fm/damoranataleiTunes"Art is the magic freed from the lie of being truth."Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno.


                    • Da Bumpity Bumpity BUMP...


                      Experience is the best teacher, even if it's a bad one!!! Ani 2009


                      • Some early stage demos of my new band can be heard via the link in my sig. Warning: if you're allergic to MySpace, don't click...

                        We're using these demos to try to recruit a rhythm section (done!) and get gigs, of which we've only had two to date. As I say, early stages.


                        • As this is a forum populated by lots of professionals and musicians that should be, I'd love any opinions (especially on how to improve) on my musical attempts. The first few are more standard dancy stuff. My personal favorite is Never Would Have Thought.



                          • Thanks Ani!
                            CHECK IT OUT: Lilianna!, my latest song, is now streamable from YouTube.

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                            • Originally posted by 1manband

                              My personal favorite is Never Would Have Thought.


                              1man, I had a chance to listen to a few of your tracks, and while I'm not really fluent in the genre, I did really like the textures an grooves on "Never Would Have Thought." I don't know if that main rhythmic element is a step sequenced thing or a tempo-sync delayed thing...it's cool, and it all seems nicely layered.


                              • My group The Sweet Clementines has a couple of new acoustic demos on a new soundclick page:

                                The Sweet Clementines

                                The first two are the newer ones. Mary Goes 'Round is one of mine; Sweet Clementine belongs to my bandmate Chris.