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I've got a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver in pristine condition. I am building a pedalboard and be open to trade for a few of the following, cash ($150) or somewhere in between.

Looking for the following:
Boss MT-2
Hotone VERB Reverb
Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone
Ibanez ES-2 Echo Shifter
Mooer Micro Looper
Morley Little Alligator or other optical volume pedal
Pedaltrain Novo 32 or equivalent sized pedalboard with case
Moore Slow Engine MSG-1
Donner Jet Flanger
EH Neo Clone
EH Silencer
Modtone Lemon Squeeze
Mooer MSE1 Lofi
Farm distortion pedals
Tuner pedals
If you've got something else, run it by me and we'll see, eh? I'm thinking that if I'm asking 3/4 the Amazon price for a like-new pedal, I'll count yours the same against mine, as long as it's in reasonably good condition. Send pics; let's talk.