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FS: Mesa Boogie M-Basis 2000

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  • FS: Mesa Boogie M-Basis 2000

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: M-basis 2000 bass guitar amp. This thing is in awesome shape for its age. Some very minor rack rash, but that's it. No dents, dings, or any kind of damage.

    This is an extremely flexible amp. You can go from a nice tight mosfet solid state sound, to a warm round tube sound, to an over the top distorted tone....or blend them together. It's got separate compression and EQs for each channel, which comes in handy.

    It can work perfectly in an apartment even considering it's a 600 watt amp. You don't need to crank this thing to get a great sound.

    I won't list all the specs, but you can read them here: Mesa Boogie Basis M2000 bass amplifier

    I've had this amp for awhile and I fell in love with it because it's the model Justin Chancellor of Tool used when he was recording Lateralus. With a little bit of gain you can dial in his tone pretty quickly.

    This unit also has a pretty low serial number (851). It has been babied its entire life and has not been gigged.

    If you'd like the 4-space TKL rack we can work that out.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories : Footswitch, power cable, and original paperwork

    Location: Northern Virginia

    International: Continental US and Canada only

    Contact Info: PM me

    References: I've got a bunch of feedback on,,,, all under this same username and i'm on ebay under the name snowfallabove with over 100 all positive feedback ratings.

    Price: Looking for $800 shipped/paypal'd. I'm flexible on the price, so if you think you have a reasonable offer feel free to shoot it my way. NO TRADES though


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    bump! looking for $700 shipped or trade for a fender telecaster