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  • Echo Layla 3G

    Echo Layla 3G Recording Interface
    I don't really use my PC desktop setup anymore (favoring my Mac Mini and PC Vaio Laptop) and that's the only computer I have with PCI connections. These are great units with really good converters (IIRC, similar or the same as the ones used in the initial run of Audiofire12's-- I'll try to confirm that).

    This is in very good shape (a little bit of scratching and a small ding on top)-- a great sounding interface. Includes the breakout box, PCI card and cable. Drivers are downloadable from the Echo website. I'm a big fan of Echo-- this was my 5th interface from them (Audiofire12, Audiofire4, 2 Mia's and this)

    $230 shipped to the lower 48 US States (only).

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