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First-ever effects unit for sound-reactive visuals - Introducing Audiolux One

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  • First-ever effects unit for sound-reactive visuals - Introducing Audiolux One

    Hello all, we want to share with you the AudioLux One, an entirely new category of music technology!

    If you are thinking of incorporating LED lighting into your gear, the Audiolux One system will provide you with all you need to make your pedalboard, amp cabinets, stage or studio/rehearsal space explode with dynamic, musically responsive light without lugging bulky and heavy DJ lighting equipment or a hiring a professional lighting engineer.

    We have spent countless hours creating a plug-and-play system for the independent musician looking to light up their rig or stage-show without requiring any knowledge of how to wire up electronics or program. For the DIY enthusiasts who are programming savvy, the system is based on the open-source Arduino architecture can be be reprogrammed to allow for a completely customized visualization. The controller is designed for popular digital individually addressable LEDs such as the Neopixel / WS2812B that allow for each “pixel” to be digitally animated and display different RGB values and brightnesses.

    As the Audiolux One ecosystem matures, expect to see new sound-reactive visualizations be shared by the open-source community and check back as we develop add on hardware kits to assemble light-weight LED structures to further customize your stage-show.

    The Audiolux One accepts stereo or mono, line and instrument level inputs and will intelligently analyze the audio signal to precisely map amplitude and frequency information to light color and movement providing an engaging visual representation of the instrument being played.

    This is the world’s first and only intelligent sound-reactive lighting controller in a “stomp-box” pedal form factor, there is nothing else quite like it.

    Check us out on our website and be one the first people to show off your musical talent not only in sound but in light!

    Audiolux Devices LLC
    Web | Youtube
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    looks interesting... are there other videos beside the one of just a guitar strumming? maybe something that shows how the light reacts to different volumes as well as pitch from different instruments?
    Originally posted by isaac42;n32240445

    Voltan is correct.