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FS: Decks, mixer and RCF tops w/Sub letting it all go.

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  • FS: Decks, mixer and RCF tops w/Sub letting it all go.

    This is heads up in an effort to get the word out and get some potential buyers.
    All of my gear is going on Ebay. Never had the time to put in to this hobby that I wanted
    to. Though it makes me sad to do it -- I am selling off my rig. I
    only used it for two or three gigs and a few practice sessions at home.
    The gear has been sitting inside the house untouched for too long,
    someone else certainly could get more use out of it.

    All of the items are in absolutely excellent condition.
    There are no major scratches and only flaws are a few
    fingerprints if that. The mixer controls function without any
    noise or bleeding. I even still have the extra knobs and
    mounting brackets that it came with.

    Will update this thread when the auctions are posted.
    Also initially plan to ship within the continental U.S.and
    to have them up on Ebay on the 7th of Feb.
    Will ship from California. Happy to answer any questions.

    Prices listed are a rough est. Final prices will be on the auction(s).

    2x RCF 312-A (12") Tops will be sold as a pair. $750
    1x RCF 4Pro 8003 18" Digital subwoofer (used at one gig) practically brand new. $1300

    2x CDJ-2000 decks - will be sold as a pair only and shipped in their original boxes $2400
    1x Xone 92 (graphite) Mixer - will be sold and shipped in its original box $1100
    2x 12' Monster Studio XLR cables M to F (neutrik connectors)
    2x 25' XLR Cables M to F (neutrik connectors)
    1x XLR Y Sub adapter cable (will come with the sub)

    (RCF 4Pro 8003 photo not posted yet)

    This entire setup is everything needed to connect a pair of tops to the sub to the mixer.
    Since this is a complete and (and very nice) rig I'd be willing to sell it all for a lump sum if anyone has such an inquiry.
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    Mixing Gear: Two Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD players with a Xone:92 Mixer.
    Sound Gear: Two RCF 312A Loudspeakers, (shopping for sub woofer now).