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Mackie SR1530Z's and Db Tech 61.18 Subs

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  • Mackie SR1530Z's and Db Tech 61.18 Subs

    Two (2) Mackie SR1530Z active, professional, 3-way loud speakers in "like new" condition with covers and two (2) DB Audio Tech Stage Opera 61.18 Active Subwoofers, in great shape operationally, but could use a coat of flat black paint.

    The Mackie's sell for $1000 each when new and my speakers are less than 3 months old and have been out on 3 gigs, so these are basically new. The Db's sell for $1500 each when new, and these are in "good" shape and sound great (better than Mackie, that's why I bought them instead of the Mackies). So, $5000 worth of speakers.

    No amps or crossovers needed...these speakers are active. The built in amps and matched crossover components make them sound amazing and their power output is maximized.

    Selling it all for $2300. This is a package price. I am willing to sell the mains or subs separately if the price is right, so feel free to make offers on either.

    The Db's are here (you'll need to click the English tab at the top):

    The Mackies are here:
    Check out my band at:

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    This sounds like a killer setup and I"m interested. Where is it located? If I decide to pull the trigger and take on some debt to buy this from you I might want to pick it up to avoid shipping charges.....

    Josh Winter


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      Please let me know if the Mackie speakers are still available. Thanks!

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