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    I'm now using an Allen and Heath mixer, so this is for sale:

    It's like new...always been in the studio with plastic over it when not in use. It's a Legion Sound LSM-24 model, as such, it's not a boutique product; however, the 16 preamps are very clean and noise-free. All channels (actually 20 of them - 4 of them stereo) have a very nice EQ (sweepable mid-freq), trim control for the XLR's, 1/4 inch insert and input jacks (in addition to the 16 XLR inputs with silver contacts), 2 subgroups, 2 aux sends and returns (stereo, should you need it), PFL control on each channel with a separate PFL volume control. Each channel has pushbuttons for putting it into the main mix, PFL mix, subgroup mix, etc. Low cut (75hz) buttons are available for each mono channel as well to include a nice pan pot as well. The board will also supply phantom power (48v) and has L/R leds for watching levels.

    All items on this board work 100 percent - no scratchy pots or bent faders...nothing. I baby all my gear, and this board is no different. I have all the original packaging - the power supply is the original one (working great btw). The signal to noise ratio on this board is incredible - very quiet and clean. Like I said earlier, the preamps are exceptionally transparent and noise-free...even with outboard equipment inserted into the chain. This board is incredibly thin and light

    Speaking of price - I'd like $230 for it plus shipping (actual shipping and insurance - I live at zip 98277). As I mentioned above - this board is exactly as new...not a mark on it that wasn't there when I took it out of the box (I do have small pieces of masking tape under each channel's fader with channel identification writing on it - no marks on the mixer itself).

    Should you want to see my feedback - my ebay handle is jaylib.

    Pictures and other details about the mixer here:
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