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FS: Eventide Orville Ultra Harmonizer Effects Unit

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  • FS: Eventide Orville Ultra Harmonizer Effects Unit

    I'm selling my beloved Eventide Orville for $3000, shipping included (US only). PayPal preferred, will ship to a confirmed address.

    It's been in a smoke free home studio. It is upgradeable to a H8000FW for $1995 (Power up says "DSP 5303, 5303", see pic below).

    I'm letting it go to fund a prototype guitar preamp for my forthcoming business. The unit is in good condition, with some small scratches on the front panel (which will be replaced if you upgrade it). Works flawlessly.orv\_rack\_full.JPGorv\_rack\_5303.JPGP1011605.JPG

    One side note: Leave a space at the top for ventilation for all Eventide rack products. I sent the unit in for repair when I first got it because it would shut down after a while of use. Nothing wrong with it; It was just the thermal protection, an empty rack space above solved the problem.

    Contact me at if interested.

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