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For Sale is the Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine Tube Synthesizer Rack Mount.

The Professional Solution-The Ultimate Tube Synthesizer! The Metasonix S-1000 Wretch Machine Tube Synthesizer Rack Mount.

Pitch sources:
* 2 independent VCOs
* Made entirely of vacuum and gas-filled tubes
* Range >2 octaves using CV, octave switching allows range from 33 Hz (low C) to more than 2 kHz.
* 3 waveforms: thyratron sawtooth, square, and square with suboctave
* VCO2 may free-run or be soft-synced to VCO 1
* Numerous patch points allow enormous flexibility

* Unique circuit with soft clipper and pulse adder (shapes waveforms from VCOs by adding small pulses to top of waveform at discontinuity)
* Made entirely of vacuum tubes
* Settings: disable, soft-clip only, and soft-clip with pulses added to signal. Latter circuit allows simulation of noise source.

* Unique multimode circuit allows it to be used as a lowpass, treble/midrange bandpass or bass bandpass filter.
* Continuously variable control allows mixing of filter forms in any proportion.
* Made entirely of vacuum tubes.
* Range of treble resonance switchable, 400-1700 Hz. Bass resonance tunes from ~100-350 Hz

* Unique circuit using a pentode tube
* Made entirely of a vacuum tube
* May be modulated with the AR generator only, or with the control voltage generated on modulation bus 2

* 2 envelope generators, A(S)R and AD, both triggered with input gate signal. Both may be combined on either modulation bus to create ADSR.
* 2 independent LFOs, triangle waveform, range <0.3 Hz to more than 5 Hz.
* 2 modulation buses allow combining the A(S)R, AD, and two LFOs as needed to affect any CV input in the audio circuit (VCO pitch, VCO squarer waveshape, waveshaper pulser, filter tuning).

Main CV input controls pitch of both VCOs (Hz/V response).
Gate input triggers envelope generators, accepts 0-5v or 0-10v gate voltage.
6AL7 "eye" tube displays status of LFOs and A(S)R control voltages on three separate glowing green bar graphs.

Miniature joystick performs multiple jobs: vertical motion affects pitch of both VCOs, horizontal motion affects tuning of filter.
Press joystick in to trigger envelopes.

Size: 6U high standard EIA rack mount, 3" depth below rack panel. 11 vacuum/gas tubes. Weight about 20 pounds with AC adapter. Draws 12 volts (AC ONLY) at 3 amps.

Sound Demos at 84.m1558.l2649

CORALSOUND is an Authorized Retailer of all things Metasonix.

For Sale is the Brand New METASONIX D-1000 Drum Machine. The D-1000 is the ONLY Tube Drum Machine on the planet that sounds out of this world!

The first drum machine made with vacuum tubes since the Wurlitzer Sideman of 1959. Unlike the Sideman, it's a "modern" primitive device--with plenty of inputs, outputs, and flexibility.

Even though it has only four drum sounds -- two tunable drums, a tunable "snare" drum (harder sounding than the others), and a cymbal -- control voltage inputs give great flexibility.

Each of the tunable drums is made from a vacuum tube ringing bandpass filter, and can be tuned to sound from below 20 Hz to over 2 kHz. They are also tunable with external control voltages, allowing complex patterns to be built up with external CV or pulse sources. Resonance of each filter circuit is set by internal trimpots. The cymbal sound is an extremely primitive circuit, with white noise gated by a pentode tube. The cymbal's attack is knob-variable and CV variable, from a sharp click to a soft "whoosh". The four outputs mix to a single tube preamp that allows for overdriving via the mix-level controls.

In keeping with the primitive nature of the soundmaking section, the pattern sequencer is extremely simple. Unlike early drumboxes, we won't subject you to preset nonsense like "waltz", "foxtrot", "swing" or the like. Instead, there is a single 8-pulse sequence with separate enable switches for each drum sound--set a toggle switch up to get the sound at that point, down for silence. Great for house, hardcore or other simple 4/4 patterns. The internal clock is settable from 60 BPM to over 1000 BPM. There is also a "roll" clock signal built-in, to generate a faster drumroll on any drum sound by pressing a button (speed is preset with an internal trimpot). If you don't like the internal sequencer, there are separate trigger inputs for each of the four sounds (the trigger pulse must be 0 to +5v, and less than 40 mS long). These trigger inputs operate in parallel with the built-in sequencer, so the D-1000's sounds may be triggered by its internal sequence and external pulses at the same time. As a bonus, the three tunable drums can also be used as tunable bandpass filters, by feeding a line audio signal to each trigger input.

Ample inputs and outputs: mix output (with overdriveable tube preamp), separate outputs for each drum sound, external trigger inputs for each drum sound, and a main clock output (0-5v) for slaving external generators to the internal clock.

No, it does not sound like a TR-606. It's a beast you have never seen or heard before. It's the only Drum Machine that self oscillates.

Specifications: Inputs and outputs 1/8" jacks, except main mix output on 1/4" jack. Enclosed in rugged, moisture-resistant ABS utility box with hinged lid, carrying handle and latch. Size with lid closed 12.25"x7.4"x6.5" (314mmx186mmx168mm), weight (minus AC adapter) approx 3 lbs (2.1 kg). Power: 12-16 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 amps. Uses Jameco 167151 AC adapter for power in 120v countries. Power inlet: 2.1mm coaxial jack.