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FS: KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer

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  • FS: KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer

    For Sale KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer-Korg SCR-512 RAM Card with the two Manuals, the PFD-100 Prophecy Collection (Floppy Disc with 5 Files), a KORG Prophecy Soft Caring Case and Power Cord. $599. The KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer features a MOSS Multi Oscillator Synthesis Systems-Physical Modeling Synthesis. The KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer features 2 Banks of Physical Modeling Synthesis (200 Sounds). This KORG Prophecy Solo Synthesizer Packageis in great condition and is Sold AS IS.

    The Prophecy was among one of the first synthesizers to lead a revolution started in the mid-nineties by synthesizer makers to satisfy a growing segment of the market that was lusting after old-school vintage equipment in the pursuit of making electronica-style music, by providing a state-of-the-art retro synthesizer that could sound like a classic analog.

    The Prophecy Solo Synthesizer was unveiled in 1995, and was a purely monophonic solo/lead synthesizer. It employed DSP synthesis first developed for the Korg OASYS synthesizer, with algorithms for producing realistic analog timbres, VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) tones similar to FM synthesis, and physically modeled brass, reed, and plucked string instruments. At your finger tips were tons of real-time control over traditional analog editing parameters like filter cutoff and resonance, envelopes and the arpeggiator. It had a pitch wheel, a mod wheel, an expressive dual action ribbon wheel, six effects processors and more!

    It is used by The Orb, Jan Hammer, Download, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mirwais, Front Line Assembly, Kobe, Depeche Mode, Orbital, Theatre,
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