Bass Mods K6 (35" scale). This bass is VERY articulate and punchy and cuts thru the mix very easily.
I use this bass exclusively for CLEAN punchy sounding songs and also some slap (it is GREAT FOR SLAP because it is the only 6-string bass that has FULL, VERY WIDE 19mm string spacing at the bridge).
Also has the upgraded CUSTOM WOUND Reed James pickups (not the standard Kent Armstrong pickups that normally came with the bass).
Cosmetic condition: 9.5 out of 10. No scratches, dings, etc.
The only issue I would mention is one of the pots (the stacked pot) has regions where the bottom half pot does not seem to alter the tone except for the full "on" position...but it may just be a dirty pot or something. That is why I am knocking off some price from what these are normally selling for online used.
You can hear this actual bass by going to the two following YouTube videos (this is my actual bass they used for promo...just copy the link into your browser and hit enter):

Note: I am having trouble uploading pictures at this moment in time...will try again tomorrow. If you are interested in pics, I can email them directly to you as well.