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  • 1971 Les Paul Custom

    Hey everyone,

    I am selling my 1971 Les Paul Custom. I bought this guitar in 2004, and have barely played it in the last 8 years. The serial number is 913438 (the stamp is very light and difficult to see in the pictures). The guitar is in great condition for being 47 years old, but of course has some wear to it. I believe it is the usual mahogany body with a maple strip sandwiched and a maple top. The pickups are a PAF in the neck and a Seth Lover in the bridge.

    The original pickguard is included, I removed it when I bought the guitar and unfortunately lost the screws somewhere along the way (shouldn't be too hard to replace just the screws). I replaced the strap holders too, I believe they are Schallers (the originals are also lost). Original hardshell case is also included, and that has some wear and tear but still holds the guitar safely. The three latches on the front hold it shut and secure.

    I am not informed enough to say what the age of the PAF is, but the sticker looks accurate and old. If someone is better at determining age from the photos please chime in. The Seth Lover also looks fairly old, but maybe the serial number in the pictures will give more information I can give.

    Wear and tear (pictures included):
    1. Tip of the "horn" the paint has a scrape
    2. Back of the neck: some "dots", both dents and some paint missing
    3. Top of the neck some paint has worn away at the fretboard
    4. Typical buckle rash on the back
    5. Typical wear on the front

    The guitar was actually in Hurricane Harvey, it sat on a bed until the water got too high and then on the kitchen counter (water never got that high). Once I got it out of the house a day after I escaped I opened and made sure it was okay (didn't get any water, but I let the case and guitar air out for a few days just in case). I don't have any pictures handy of the guitar beforehand (thanks to hard drives and computers being flooded), but it could be that some moisture caused some of the rusting on the jack and tuners.

    The guitar is located in Houston, but I can ship it anywhere safely. I am asking $4,500 OBO Please send me a message on here first.

    The photos were too big to upload here, so here is a link to them in Google Drive

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    Bump, price dropped to $4,000