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For Sale DBZ Bird of Prey and one or two other things....

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  • For Sale DBZ Bird of Prey and one or two other things....

    A few years ago (2014) I bought a DBZ bird of prey. I was interested in playing regularly, and learned quite a bit. However, as my life got more busy, I've had less and less time to play. The last year or so the DBZ has sat in a closet, in it's hard case, and not been played. I recently tuned her, and came to the conclusion that I just wasn't going to be playing again anytime soon.

    I would much rather have her in someones hands, being lovingly played, then have her gathering dust. From my research, she currently sells on Ebay between 800 and 1K - I'd take 650 (OBO, but be reasonable).

    I also have a Peavy Rockmaster limited edition TMNT guitar - number 87/100, with original packaging in mint condition. It is autographed by Peter Laird, one of the creators of TMNT. The art glows inn the dark (and under blacklight), so I outfitted the guitar with green UV glow strings. Price for the autograped guitars is pretty high on Ebay, but I'd take 400 (OBO for it).

    I also have a Marshall Amp - not really certain the model, and I've had it a few years. I figure $50 (OBO, but be reasonable) and it's yours.

    I can ship, but shipping would be extra. I'd prefer someone local to me (I live near San Francisco), but can ship anywhere in the US.

    The specific details can be found here: