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SX guitar "Vintage series" with beautiful flame maple neck, rosewood board

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  • SX guitar "Vintage series" with beautiful flame maple neck, rosewood board

    This is a Stratocaster copy guitar made by SX, it's a "Vintage Series", made to look like the real thing (minus the headstock of course). I believe it is supposed to be a copy of the 1962 Stratocaster model, in what looks to be Lake Placid Blue color.

    I bought this guitar mostly for the fact it had a beautiful flame figure maple on the back of the neck. The fingerboard is rosewood, yielding a nice bell tone to the single coil pickups, I find. As you can see, for a regular guitar, it is definitely the point of attention. However, this guitar has more than just looks. It has a beautiful tone on the neck and center pickups, and yields quite a honk on positions 2 and 4, even with the humbucker, which also sounds quite good on its own, but nothing fancy. The neck has medium size frets, but I find it plays just as good as my big-fret Kramer and Epiphones. Fretware is negligeable to the point where open chords still ring true, there is no second fret flatness. There is no considerable fret flatness anywhere, for that matter, and the fret ends are clean as is the fretboard. It's had a new set of strings put on and I haven't played it much since.

    I am asking 200$, mostly because it plays very well, sounds amazing, and has a beautiful neck.

    Pictures will follow when I have a chance to access them tonight on my laptop.

    Thank you!

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