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Jackson DK2 FT/FS w/ pics

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  • Jackson DK2 FT/FS w/ pics

    This guitar was made in 2002 and it is in immaculate condition. It's a pre fender takeover jackson, meaning the original jackson company made this guitar. I don't think they came with duncan JB's in them at the time, it was "duncan designed." I love the sound of the JB so I went ahead and threw one in the bridge. The other single coils are original duncans as well, I just can't remember what kind. They sound great though. The bridge is just a metal monster, the neck is twangy and bluesy as well as creamy and deep. It's a metal BEAST if I do say so myself. There is not one scratch or ding on this guitar, the finger prints do need to be cleaned off though.

    The guitar itself features...

    BEAUTIFUL transparent blue finish
    Rock Maple neck
    Double Locking Original Floyd Rose
    Jackson Tuners
    Alder body
    24 frets (scalloped heel)
    Bound rosewood compound-radius fingerboard
    1-11/16" nut
    Sharkfin inlays
    Ivoroid binding
    Chrome hardware
    Japanese made

    It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest guitars i've had the pleasure to shred on. My fingers literally glide across the fretboard and along the neck. It's also autographed by world renowned shredder, Joe Satriani. He does numerous meet and greets through guitar center.

    I'm really keen on trading this bad boy. I love the guitar to death but I am just NOT a fan of locking bridges. I'm open to anything, really, but i'm pretty partial to Ibanez, ESP, and Schecter. A nice Les Paul or even a good knockoff would be good too. Something with a hard tail or string through.

    “If you were hit by a truck… and you were lying out there in that gutter dyin’… and you had time to sing ONE song, …one song that would let God, know what you felt about your time here on Earth….one song that would sum YOU up…."

    Proud owner of a Jackson DK2 autographed by Joe Satriani.