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  • OT - What to do ???

    So my long-time friend invited me to his house the other day for a little barbeque. About 30 minutes in, he took me inside. and showed me two Rickenbacker 4001 which were in perfect condition. There wasn't even a freakin smudge on them.

    Anyway, he claims that his uncle passed (which I know is true) and left them for him. Now, I know that he has another sibling who is a huge guitar player, and it struck me as really weird that the uncle would leave it to him considering he doesn't play instruments, and not his brother instead. So it kind of lead me to believe that it was stolen. The serial number was also scratched on one of them. Only thing is, this guy is one of the most conservative honest people. He's a full time Biology student, and he's never been arrested or anything like that.

    So he told me that he would sell them to me for like $1350-$1500 each which is like $1000 less than what they sell it for on ebay, because he doesn't feel like selling it online with all the hassle (plus I'm his good friend and all).

    What do I do ?!?!?! But them and sell it on HC or just forget about it.

    HELP !!!!

    I feel like I could make a good profit, but I don't wanna get in trouble if it's stolen. It feels like it's too good to be true

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    Well if the serials are gone in an odd way then they will not fetch their actual value. You'd be lucky to break even. I would also say that if you think they are stolen, then chances are...

    Avoid it brother, not worth the hassle. Unless you talk to the other brother and get the scoop anyway.
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      Ask him to sign somethin' saying you bought it from him and for how much. Any transaction between 2 people for over 500 dollars should be worked like that. As far as you know it is a good deal from a friend, and if it did happen to be stolen you'd have proof you legitimately paid money for them. Tell him its to make sure nothing happens that could ruin your friendship or anything like that.

      If he refuses to do so, it's stolen


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        Don't want to get in trouble if it's stolen?

        Think of the poor guy who might have gotten it ripped off. Imagine how he's feeling.

        I'd ask him flat out then watch his reply very closely. If you think they are stolen, the right thing to do is try to get it back to it's owner if at all possible. If not, turn the ****************er in. Screw friendship.

        (You might want to define scratched serial number on a guitar without so much as a smudge on it.)
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